Gadgets & Accessories

Folks are always asking, “what accessories do I need?”

Of course, everyone is different, but these are my favourite accessories - the ones I use most often:

- Fat Daddio cheesecake pans - also good for lasagna, meatloaf, cakes and breakfast casserole.

            3-quart IP - 6” pan

            6-quart IP - 7” pan

            8-quart IP - 8” or 8.5” pan

- 6-cup bundt pan for cakes, bread pudding, banana bread and even meatloaf.

- 7-pocket silicone egg bite mold. Great for everything from egg bites to muffins and mini meatloaves.

- steamer basket for vegetables, shrimp and more.

- silicone sling/trivet with long handles - makes removing pans SO much easier.

- Extra silicone rings - handy to have one for savoury and one for sweet things

            Kitchen gadgets I would NOT be without:

- immersion blender

- kitchen scale

- mandolin slicer (even though I sliced the tip of my right index finger off with it in a moment of careless stupidity. Still one of my favourites.)

- instant-read thermometer