Soft Boiled Eggs

Soft Boiled Eggs

I experimented with soft boiled eggs for weeks with many disappointments. They were always overdone. I kept paring the time down; the cook time, then the natural release time. Finally.... I cracked the code! WOO HOO!!

I must say though, my results were slightly different in my 6-quart than they were in my 3-quart. They were softer in the 6-quart. So experiment a bit using one egg at a time until you get to the sweet spot just right for you.

There are two methods for this. One is for low pressure (my favourite). The other is for high pressure - great for owners of the Lux model.


1 1/2 cups cold tap water (it MUST be cold)
cold eggs (medium or large) right out of the fridge


Be sure to use fresh cold water each time you do this. The eggs need the time it takes to heat the water to get the right cooking result.

LOW-PRESSURE METHOD: Pour the COLD tap water into the pot and put the egg(s) on the trivet or in a basket. Close the lid and make sure the valve is set to Sealing. Set on Low Pressure for 1 minute. Yes. ONE minute. When it beeps that it's done, leave it for precisely 2 minutes natural release. Then immediately flip the valve to Venting and as soon as the pin drops, put the eggs under cold running water for 30 seconds to halt the cooking process. The. End.

They will be perfectly cooked whites and runny yolks. Ideal for “dippers.” If for some reason, they are a little over-done for your taste, reduce the natural release time from 2 minutes to 1 ½ minutes. You can’t program the machine for half minutes, but you can use some other device to time it.

Try it with one egg. If you like them a little firmer, add another minute to the natural release time, NOT the cook time.

HIGH-PRESSURE METHOD: Exactly as above, but cook under High Pressure for one minute and then leave it for only a one-minute natural release. This method produces a slightly softer yolk. Again, try one egg first. If you like it a little more done, leave the natural release for an extra 20 or 30 seconds before flipping the valve to Venting. If you prefer them runnier, only give them 20 - 30 seconds natural release.  You’ll find the right time for you.

GEEKING OUT ABOUT IT: If you want to get REALLY technical, there are variables in the time and techniques you can play with. And the time also depends on what size of Instant Pot you have. The eggs I do in my 3-quart Mini are a little firmer that when I do in the exact same time in my 6-quart. The size of the eggs might make a slight difference, but not much.

There are a couple of ways you can fine-tune your eggs. Try one or two at a certain cook time and natural release time. Then adjust the NR time a little more or less to get to the exact right amount for your taste. Also, just because the display reads in minutes, not seconds, doesn't mean you have to stick to full minutes. If you want your eggs just slightly runnier, release the pressure after 1 minute 30 seconds instead of 2 minutes. Play with it a bit. It's worth it. Because once you have you exact timing down, your eggs will ALWAYS be just the way you like them.